Yelena Belova

After Natasha Romanoff, the first Black Widow, cut loyalties to her native Russia, a new Red Room recruit sought to replace her role. Teenage Yelena Belova trained for nearly a decade in all espionage and combat tactics, dedicating herself to being the best, and only, Black Widow.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider…

First Appearance

Endorsed by the same Soviet agency behind the Black Widow program, Yelena Belova is deployed by her head operative Yuri Stalyenko to deliver a dire warning to the American feds—Russia has declared war on the Inhuman island-state of Attilan.

Backup Black Widows

Read through #104! Natasha Romanoff is dead. We saw her fall by the hands of a fascist Captain America, (SECRET EMPIRE #7), and the premiere spy and Avenger is no more. In this twisted limited series, two of Widow’s former loves, Hawkeye and Winter Soldier, follow a trail of clues that may lead to Nat’s resurrection. But how can they be sure that the Widow who’s returned is the same Widow who’s died?

Shadowing Natasha

In an extraordinary game of cat-and-mouse, Yelena trails Natasha on a Middle Eastern mission to get a drop on her greatest competition. Here, we learn that Belova has been the only Red Room alum who has surpassed Romanoff’s marks. What begins as an antagonizing showdown becomes a willing team-up, as Yelena learns she still has much to learn about hot war zones…

Face Swap

In one of their weirdest ploys, Widows Natasha and Yelena surgically swap appearances and identities to infiltrate the other’s lives. An obsession with Romanoff pushes Belova towards an unhealthy brink though, and it isn’t long before she’s convinced that she is, actually, the first Black Widow.

Havana Nights

Natasha Romanoff escapes to Cuba, seeking out a former rival: Yelena Belova. Try this stylish spy caper today!

Savage Land Burn

Read through #6! While working freelance for S.H.I.E.L.D. on a vibranium mining expedition, Yelena sustains devastating injuries at the hands of Sauron. Burnt to a crisp and badly disfigured, Black Widow’s entire career threatens to go up in flames…

The Super-Adaptoid

Restored to her former glory, (but not her former face), Yelena is unleashed as a bio weapon to seek her revenge against the New Avengers who saw her toasted in the Savage Land. Enter: the all-new SUPER ADAPTOID!