What If? Age of Ultron

What If? Age of Ultron

What If? Age of Ultron
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Collects What If? Age of Ultron #1-5.

In AGE OF ULTRON, a time-traveling Wolverine killed Hank Pym before he could create the world-conquering Ultron. But what if other founding Avengers had been killed instead? Find out in five alternate adventures! In a world without the Wasp, Hank Pym created an Ultron even more heinous than the one we know! Without Iron Man, the Armor Wars scorch the earth until Spider-Man forms a familiar Fantastic Four to seek out a forgotten weapon! Without Thor, Ragnarok wipes out every super-powered being -- leaving only Nick Fury and his unpowered allies to face the Midgard Serpent! Without Captain America, the United States loses its spirit -- until a secret cabal uses Frank Castle to recreate a legend! And if Hank Pym never created Ultron, the Vision never existed -- but without the Vision, can the world survive?

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April 23 2015
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12+ Only
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