The Vulture

Adrian Toomes, better known as The Vulture, is the electrical engineer and inventor gone high-flying felon! In his mission for revenge against Spider-Man, Vulture became a founding member of the Sinister Six. Check out the greatest heights of this feathered foe!

Vulture’s Preys

Debut Issue

The Vulture soars onto the scene by robbing the Park Avenue Diamond Exchange, a heist quickly thwarted by Spidey. A blood feud is born.

Sinister Six

Fed up with his defeat at the hands of the web-slinger, Vulture becomes a founding member of the Sinister Six…along with five other villains who go one-on-one with Spider-Man!

Airborne & Angry

Determined to make a carcass of Spider-Man, Vulture aligns himself with J.J. Jameson to stage a rooftop battle at the Daily Bugle’s office!

Visiting Hours

In one of their strangest tête-à-têtes, Peter Parker recognizes Adrian Toomes at Aunt May’s nursing home…and casts aside the virtue of ‘respecting his elders’.

Scavenging for Spidey

In their most brutal confrontation yet, Vulture plucks a pulverized Peter from his hospital bed. Black Cat lends a much needed assist, but not before Spider-Man’s identity is privy to the unforgiving Vulture!

Deeper Origins

A peek into Vulture’s past reveals a tortured relationship with his brother, as well as a pathological fear of weakness. In the present, Toomes launches a bookstore battle against Spider-Man – and Peter’s jilted ex is caught in the crosshairs!