Stan Lee

In 1939, a teenage Stan Lee began his career in comics and 75 years later, he is celebrated as the creative tour de force behind Marvel’s Silver Age - the co-creator of beloved characters like Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor and the X-Men. Take part in Stan ‘The Man’ Lee’s historic legacy!

Legendary Hits

First Work

Lee’s first writing was providing filler text in this Golden Age Captain America story, written by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. A career in comics begins!

The Silver Age & Jack Kirby

With the birth of Marvel’s First Family, co-creators Kirby and Lee ushered in the Silver Age. Rejecting the notion that super heroics were juvenile, Lee redefined comics by founding a team that struggled with recognizable issues. In their first year, the FF dealt with the Cold War and bankruptcy!

The Incredible Hulk

Tortured Bruce Banner would resonate deeply with readers, particularly adults. Lee and Kirby present another Silver Age wonder – the irradiated monster Hulk.

Dawn of Mutants

Following the success of Spider-Man and Hulk, Lee and Kirby developed a new team of heroes with inborn powers. The series was originally to be titled “The Mutants”, but was changed to the even more cryptic “X-Men” and featured a mostly teenage team. Read the very first Avengers vs. X-Men story!

The Coming of Galactus

Often cited as one of Lee and Kirby’s greatest collaborations, this story arc marked a brave turn for the Fantastic Four. The team begins to unravel after the arrival of The Watcher and Silver Surfer portends the End of Days.

Farewell to the Web-Head

Lee’s last issue on Amazing Spider-Man! Although he no longer wrote monthly titles, ‘The Man’ continued his influence as a Publisher and Editor.