Spider-Man: Brand New Day — The Complete Collection

Spider-Man: Brand New Day — The Complete Collection
Vol. 4
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Collects Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #592-601 and Annual #36, Spider-Man: The Short Halloween, Dark Reign: Mister Negative #1-3, Amazing Spider-Man: American Son Sketchbook and material from Amazing Spider-Man Family #7.

A truly Amazing era of Spider-Man continues - with the former Green Goblin in charge! First, Spidey goes all-out, "24/7" to mess with J. Jonah Jameson - as a new Vulture makes his high-flying debut! But Norman Osborn is policing the nation with his Dark Avengers, and Peter Parker doesn't like that one bit! Whose side is the armored American Son on - and what will Osborn's Dark Reign mean for Mister Negative? Spidey will go from one of his greatest enemies to another when Doctor Octopus makes a comeback - like never before! Plus: Daredevil, a wedding and the return of one of the most important people in Peter's life!