Sina Grace’s Reading List

X-writer Sina Grace shares his Marvel must-reads! Be sure to pick up Iceman’s ongoing series, hitting shelves Spring, 2017!

Sina's Picks

Generation X

“Never mind how remarkably wonderful and endearing the original group is, pick up the earlier issues of this series for Chris Bachalo's work alone! I still revisit these stories. I may or may not own the cover to Generation X #27...”

Gambit’s Dark Secret

“I was such a huge fan of Joe Madureira's artwork, and this book was so darn hard to find that my uncle drove me to three – THREE! – comic stores before finding a copy, and I paid $12 for this puppy. Aren't you happy it's as easy as a click to read about Gambit's darkest secrets?"

Wolverine: Old Man Logan

"Mark Millar is one of my favorite writers. He comes up with really great ideas, pushes them to the extreme, and then finds the absolute perfect artist to match his vision. I don't hold on to a lot of physical comics, but this one I have on my shelf."


"Peter David is so great with story and playing the long game. I loved this interpretation of the X-Factor team, and he really pushed how we perceive these characters. Plus: all of the Ryan Sook art."

Venom's Return

"Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh...Venom was completely terrifying in [issues #316 & #317]. His vendetta against Spider-Man was so personal, and he knew exactly how to get under Peter's skin. The art still holds up – the struggle is still so real. It's a classic Spider-Man story."

Morrison's X-Men

"Game. Changer. Grant Morrison told super compelling and interesting stories, wove some incredibly complex yarns, and threw down some of the biggest jaw droppers since the Dark Phoenix Saga. Obviously, I loved Frank Quitely's art, New X-Men #121 is always a classic, and then on top of everything: his run ends on four issues of stellar Marc Silvestri art! What more can you ask for!?"