What would you do if you discovered your parents were super villains? For these seven Los Angeles teens, the answer was simple: band together, and do extraordinary good with extraordinary abilities. Meet the Runaways!

Team Breakdown

Alex Wilder

The unofficial leader of the pack, Alex realized that his parents were the crime bosses of the Pride, a covert ring powered by blood magic and the mystical Gibborim.

Gertrude Yorkes

Gertrude is the daughter of two time travelling enthusiasts. She shares a telepathic bond with Old Lace, her genetically modified dinosaur from the 87th century.

Chase Stein

Chases’ relaxed L.A. vibe often provides necessary relief. The son of two mad scientists, Chase uses his parents’ technology on behalf of the group. He also pilots the Leapfrog, the team’s main means of transport and occasional assault weapon.

Nico Minoru

Nico is the Runaway’s resident mage. As the sorceress Sister Grimm, her magic functions with an interesting caveat – she can never cast the same spell twice.

Karolina Dean

Karolina is far from human – she’s extraterrestrial! When she removes the bracelet given to her by her parents, ‘Lina’ shifts into her Majesdanian form, allowing her to project solar energy and fly.

Molly Hayes

Don’t be fooled by her appearance – young Molly is a mutant with Hulk-like strength. Adorable as she is destructive, her teammates find it challenging to keep tabs on this spitfire. Watch Wolverine try to keep up.

Victor Mancha

An offspring of Ultron, Victor is equal parts flesh and A.I. One of the later additions to the team, Kid Ultron struggled hard to prove his benevolence despite his ill-fated creation.