Alexei Sytsevich, also known by the alias Alex O’Hirn and the nom de guerre Rhino, has a near-indestructible horned suit surgically bonded to his skin. Using his immense strength and durability, Rhino charges at anything in his way, especially Spider-Man!


Cold War Chaos

The rampaging Rhino trudges across the border into America on a mission to kidnap astronaut John Jameson, who possesses a secret that could make any country frontrunners in the Space Race. Spider-Man discovers that Rhino plans to sell Jameson to the highest bidder, and begins to battle the bulky behemoth! But fast thinking Spidey uses the villain’s own momentum against him!

Endangered Species

The Soviet secret agents responsible for granting him his suit confront Rhino, and the duo offers to make him stronger than ever before! The spies loose Rhino on a sedated Bruce Banner, in hopes of abducting Banner and learning the Hulk’s secrets.

The Sinister Syndicate

The Beetle forms the Sinister Syndicate along with Rhino, Speed Demon, Boomerang, and Hydro-Man! Silver Sable and Spider-Man take on the cruel coterie after knowingly falling into a trap set by Jack O’Lantern. Mid-fight, Rhino explains to Spidey that the only reason he returned to a life of crime was to earn enough to afford the costly surgeries required to remove his costume.

Flowers for Rhino

Undergoing yet ANOTHER experimental scientific procedure, the slow-witted Rhino is given a massive intelligence boost! After enjoying the benefits of his newfound acumen, Rhino begins to become increasingly disappointed with how his new life is unfolding…

Hunter V. Hunted

When an innocent person is a casualty in the midst of one of Rhino’s crimes, the Punisher steps in to end Rhino’s life in return. Spider-Man saves his perennial foe, but the Rhino is shortly thereafter kidnapped by Al Kraven. Trapped in a zoo made for animal-themed super humans, Rhino’s only hope of freedom may lie with…the Punisher?!

The Gauntlet

Eventually, Rhino decides to turn himself over to the authorities, who remove his suit and send him to prison. Rhino is released early for good behavior, and starts life anew with his new wife in Yonkers. However, when a new Rhino appears in New York, Sytsevich sets out to stop him by any means necessary…

Ends of the Earth

Doctor Octopus is dying! With his life slipping away, Octavius enacts his most daring plan yet. Holding the Earth hostage with a series of searing satellites, Octavius demands that the world recognizes his genius. Assembled alongside him is the new Sinister Six, including Rhino, now despondent after the death of his wife.

Clone Conspiracy

Read the entire Clone Conspiracy event, available as a Reading List! Reeling from the death of his wife (and later her clone), Rhino charges at Spider-Man with the full impact of a man with nothing to left to lose. An emotional gut punch of an issue, plus an extraordinary battle!