Professor X

Telepath Charles Xavier possesses one of the most brilliant and powerful minds in existence. Putting his abilities to good use, Professor X founded a School for Gifted Youngsters to train the mutants of tomorrow and to foster his dream for mutant and human co-existence.

Mind over Matter

Mindful Mentor

The Professor makes his comics debut alongside his first students, and begins training them just in time to face Magneto!

Giant-Size Brain

After a secret failed rescue mission (see X-Men: Deadly Genesis), Professor X establishes an international team of mutants to rescue the original X-Men from the monstrous Living Island Krakoa!

Molding the Minds of Tomorrow

With his first class of students all grown up, Professor X gathers New Mutants from around the globe to become the next generation of heroic Homo Superior! Continue with New Mutants (1983)!

Mental Capacity

Xavier’s son, David Haller A.K.A. Legion, lashes out with his incredible psychic powers! And David, (in collusion with his hundreds of personalities), is too much for even the world’s most powerful telepath to contain!

The Onslaught Saga

The entity known as Onslaught is unleashed! Earth’s heroes stand against the malevolent psionic spawn of Xavier and Magneto!

Cassandra Nova

Read through #116 for the full ‘E For Extinction’ arc! Xavier discovers that his parasitic psychic twin is responsible for the destruction of Genosha…and the death of 16 million mutants!

The Illuminati

The precarious state of Sentry’s psyche leads to a meeting of the Illuminati, luminaries from across the Marvel Universe that have secretly been shaping history!

Piece of Mind

A rogue personality of Legion’s obtains its own form and begins wreaking havoc, but Professor X and the X-Men are at the ready! Read this series from the start for Xavier’s full, redemptive quest!


Xavier confronts a Phoenix-possessed Cyclops in a last-ditch effort to prevent a cataclysm. Unfortunately, he doesn’t survive the experience!

A Man Called X

A fragment of Professor X’s mind escapes to the astral plane, but that realm has become the deadly dominion of the Shadow King!