God of the Sky and king of the Asgardian pantheon, Odin’s storied history spans untold millennia. As his sons Thor and Loki have forged their own destinies on Earth, Odin has been drawn into mortal conflicts more than ever before! He alone possesses the Odinforce, an elemental energy recharged during his long periods of Odinsleep.

Asgardian All-Father

Of Gods and Men

Odin imprisons his wayward son Loki in an enchanted tree, but when Loki escapes he heads straight for Odin’s other son, the Mighty Thor! The Gods of Mischief and Thunder clash, but Thor uses his mortal alter ego of Donald Blake to his advantage to trick his brother and save New York. Loki’s then hurled back to Asgard to face Odin’s wrath!

The Birth of a God

The fantasy and high adventure of the Realm Eternal is brought to life in “Tales of Asgard”! Learn of Odin’s lineage by his father Bor, the first of the Aesir, and get a glimpse at the eternal struggle between fire demon Surtur and the Frost Giants!

Odin Vs. Laufey

In one of his most famed legends, Odin faces the nigh-unbeatable Warlord of the Frost Giants to secure Asgard’s throne. Mid-battle Laufey surrenders to death, leaving behind an infant son. Despite the child’s small stature for being born of giants, Odin mercifully adopts baby Loki, raising him in his court as Thor’s brother.

First Death

Several Norse tales of yore are recounted in this jam-packed issue, including Odin’s pursuit of knowledge by sacrificing his right eye, as well as his penance at the boughs of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. The Celestials and the dread Destroyer have overthrown immortal beings, and Odin ends up sacrificing his very life to save the souls of all across the Nine Realms!

The Surtur Saga

In this incredible arc, Odin, Thor and Loki play on the same team to overpower a now-unleashed Surtur who’s threatening Asgard with Ragnarok. Should Asgard fall, the rest of the Nine Realms will follow! Much vanquishing is had in this splashy tale from noted Thor creator Walt Simonson.

All-Father Issues

Lingering in a realm between life and death, Thor encounters his father in a pitched battle with Surtur. Odin prevails, and Thor offers to help him return to the land of the living. The All-Father denies him, and recounts his own conflicts with his father Bor, who held a grudge against Odin for creating humankind.

Nothing to Fear

Odin’s malevolent brother Cul, the God of Fear, returns from the depths of his oceanic prison to rule Midgard with the aid of his Worthy servants. To prepare for his inevitable fraternal conflict, Odin rebuilds Asgard and the Bifrost Bridge with a snap of his fingers, and abducts Thor from Earth. Meanwhile, Cul claims that he alone is the rightful heir to the Asgardian throne!

Original Sin

The Queen of Angels reveals the secret truth about the history between Asgard and Heven. In the distant past, Odin had employed the Angels to hunt down rogue Asgardians who were hunting men for sport. However, Odin later learned that the Angels were also being paid by Asgard’s enemies to weaken the realm for invasion. To that end, the Angels kidnapped Odin’s daughter, Angela, and faked her death!

Cosmic Forge

Eons ago, a sentient cosmic thunderstorm of incalculable size raged across space, eventually coming upon Asgard. Odin battles the God Tempest for days, and is finally able to capture the storm, trapping it in a hunk of Uru metal. Odin takes the Uru to the Dwarves of Nidavellir, who forge the now-famous Mjolnir!

Avengers of 1,000,000 BC

In a time when cave dwellers still roam the Earth, a mad Celestial appears and threatens to destroy the planet. Odin joins forces with other prehistoric heroes including ancient versions of Phoenix, Iron Fist, Ghost Rider, Starbrand, Black Panther and Agamotto (the first Sorcerer Supreme) to safeguard the world against immeasurable odds!