A forked, prehensile tail. Dark blue fur, yellow eyes and the ability to teleport in a cloud of smoke and brimstone. While he looks like a demon, Kurt Wagner is actually the swashbuckling X-Man Nightcrawler–a friend and ally to mutant and human alike.



He once was a circus performer and even wore a priest’s collar. Read one of the most varied backstories in X-Men history!

Saved by the Prof

Nightcrawler’s first appearance! German Kurt Wagner joins an international roster of X-Men after Professor X saves him from a rabid mob. Kurt's a standout in his first mission on living Island Krakoa–not only is he remarkably agile, he’s a real team player!

Nightcrawler’s Inferno

After a (literally) explosive birthday, Kurt’s summoned to a ‘hell’ dimension modeled after Dante’s Inferno. Doctor Strange acts as guide in this weird world…but nothing can prepare the team for the reveal of Kurt’s adoptive mother and sister, both powerful witches with hidden agendas.

Meet the Bamfs

While spinning a fairy tale for Illyana Rasputin, Kitty Pryde conjures up imp-like creatures as playful as their larger counterpart. Meet Nightcrawler mini-me’s, the Bamfs!

Mutant Errol Flynn

After falling though a dimensional rabbit hole to save Kitty Pryde’s dragon, Kurt’s ushered into a world of alien pirates, sorcery and damsels in distress!

His Legend Borne

After he’s wounded in Uncanny X-Men #210 (and suffering through #211), Kurt heads across the pond to become a member of Captain Britain’s UK super team. The sword is drawn…so dawns Excalibur!

Mommy Dearest

Nightcrawler joins Rogue to disarm Mystique from pulling off a terrorist plot. Here, it’s teased that Kurt’s resemblance to Mystique is more than coincidence…and that his connection to Rogue might be familial.

Glaubiger, Heiler, Gefallener

Now globally influential, the X-Men have expanded their reach with X-Corps, Banshee’s mutant police force. While recovering in the Bavarian Alps after a ‘port gone wrong, Kurt suffers a conflict of faith.

The Draco

Want to learn who Mom and Dad really are? In the Draco arc, Kurt not only finds out about his satanic father…he discovers a cultish collective of half-siblings. Read through #434!

Two-Toeing in Two Worlds

Kurt “BAMFs” between two worlds in his first ongoing series: one, a nether-realm of demons and ghosts, the other a daylight existence of super heroics. Chock full of occult mystery and romance!

Rachel Summers

A slow burn romance begins! While caught up in some ‘Captain Kurt’ hijinks, psychic Rachel Summers is swept off her feet by the trickster. Continue reading to see Kurt take on the Savage Land and battle Shi'ar despot Vulcan!

Euro Road Trip

Read through #499! A buddy road trip with Colossus and Wolverine turns into a scramble for survival when Omega Red enters the mix. Read on for bar-brawling, bar-crawling and nimble Nightcrawler moves!

Man-Beast & Mephisto

The X-Men have a new teleporter in Pixie–she’s younger and faster (although she can’t stick to walls). Kurt relinquishes his role with the X-Men to return to Winzeldorf. But a day at the ‘Nightcrawler Museum’ offers more thrills than expected…

A Hero’s Death

The soul of the X-Men perishes in this tearjerker. While protecting mutant messiah Hope Summers, Kurt is killed when he accidentally teleports through Bastion’s arm.


Adored amongst teammates, loved as a friend. Nightcrawler is laid to rest on X-Men’s Utopia–but without his guiding light, the team falters. Wolverine takes the loss particularly hard.

Heaven is a Place on Earth

His joie de vivre can’t be contained…which is why he’s back with the living! Upon discovering that heaven’s a snooze fest, Nightcrawler returns from the afterlife with a new outlook. Written by Chris Claremont!

An ‘Elf’ in Central Park

The fuzzy one takes up the cause once more, this time as a member of Kitty Pryde’s squad. Now HQ’ed in Central Park, the X-Men confront a world with renewed anti-mutant sentiment.

Jean Grey’s X-Men

The X-Men’s first lady recruits senior member Nightcrawler to protect the next generation of mutants. But mastermind Cassandra Nova lurks in the background…