Namor: The Golden Age Hero

From the beginning of Marvel Comics in 1939, Sub-Mariner has made his indelible mark on the surface world of super heroes! Through the Golden Age of the 40s, and the revival of heroes in the 60s and beyond, Namor has toed the line between good and evil, defending humanity from evil and bringing that evil to bear himself!

Classic Namor Issues

The Spark of a Legend

The first adventure of Namor takes place in the first Marvel Comic ever published! In this tale, Namor is a brash, headstrong young prince, who begins his quest of revenge on the human race! Many Golden Age greats make their debut here – the Human Torch, the Angel, and more – and it was here that Namor, along with the others, began to change the cultural landscape forever!

Clash of Icons

Namor makes history again, as part of the first crossover in comics! The Atlantean’s rampage against humanity finally draws the attention of the Human Torch, and the two face off in a battle that not only brought the comics medium to a new level, but paved the way for the formation of the entire Marvel Universe!

Return of the Prince

Fast-forward to the 1960s! The Fantastic Four had made their big splash, but the biggest one yet was still to come! The Human Torch discovers an amnesiac with unusual strength, who turns out to be Namor himself! But when Namor regains his memories, he learns that the people of Atlantis have been scattered – and so, his revenge against humanity begins anew! Even the FF struggle to stand up to the Sub-Mariner’s wrath!

Crowned at Last

After several run-ins with the Fantastic Four – both fighting alongside and against them – Namor at last achieves his goal! The Atlantean people are rediscovered and reunited, and Namor is crowned King of the Seas! And his first royal decree is no surprise – a declaration of war on the surface world! It will take all of the FF’s power to stop him, and even then it might not be enough!

Against the Avengers

The Avenging Son of Atlantis takes on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes! First, after the Hulk quits the Avengers for good, Namor sees an opportunity for an alliance. These two powerhouses nearly overwhelm even the Avengers – and then, one of the most iconic moments in Marvel history happens in issue #4 – CAPTAIN AMERICA LIVES AGAIN! The newly-thawed Avenger helps to even the score between the Avengers and the Sub-Mariner!

Strongest vs. Strongest

After sharing top billing on one of Marvel’s classic series, Tales to Astonish, the two titans tackle one another in a battle for the ages! The strongest being on the land trades blows with the strongest being in the sea – but who will come out on top as the strongest being of all?

Namor: Defender

The greatest non-team of all is born! When Doctor Strange learns of a terrible plot to destroy the entire Earth, he knows he must assemble the mightiest heroes on Earth! Namor makes one of his first forays into true heroism, joining forces with would-be rivals for the sake of the Earth and all its people!