Using a variety of visual effects, masterful make-up, and ruthless robotics, Hollywood outcast Quentin Beck made a name for himself as a costumed criminal and frequent foe of Spider-Man.

The Star of his Own Show

Theatrical Debut

Disgruntled SFX technician Quentin Beck commits crimes in the guise of Spider-Man! Successfully turning public opinion even more against the Wall-Crawler, the man now called Mysterio challenges Spidey to a bridge-top confrontation!

But Who Gets Top Billing?

Doctor Octopus escapes from prison and unites with five other members of Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery as the Sinister Six! As part of their plan to wear down the web-head in a gauntlet of super-villainy, Mysterio plays his part by attacking Spider-Man with androids based on the X-Men!

Final Bow

Read through #8! Beck learns that his days are numbered, and decides that he wants to drive a super hero insane before he dies. Selecting Daredevil, Mysterio uses his talents to connive the Man without Fear that the Anti-Christ has been born, pushing his mind to the very brink!

Second Act

Francis Klum claimed the mantle of Mysterio following Beck’s death, and like his predecessor plots the demise of Spider-Man. However, just as Klum’s plan is unfolding, the original Mysterio makes his shocking return!

Mysterious Arc

Read through #620! A newly resurrected Mysterio operates a crime syndicate involving the Maggia...all from the comfort of a secret base. Mysterio’s unrelenting agents drive Spider-Man to the edge. Featuring Hammerhead and Mister Negative!

Crossover Hit

Mysterio is caught red-handed by Spider-Man with a device he’s been using to crossover into the Ultimate Universe! During their confrontation, Spidey is transported across the dimensional barrier and meets Ultimate Spider-Man: Miles Morales!

Misty Beck

Sorceress Misty Beck has found a demonic artifact of unbelievable power and made an entire casino disappear for access to it! Will Misty’s scheme return her father Mysterio back to his old tricks, or will an even worse fate befall the father and daughter?