Marvel Weddings

Dearly beloved, we gather here today to celebrate the most monumental Marvel weddings! Get ready for the Thing and Alicia Masters to say “I do” in Fantastic Four (2018) #5 by reading these other nuptial issues!

For Better or For Worse

Invisible Woman & Mister Fantastic

Marvel’s first couple gets hitched! After surviving cosmic radiation and tight Baxter Building quarters, Reed and Sue commit to a lifetime of interdimensional adventuring by each other’s sides. Everyone’s invited (except Doctor Doom).

Storm & Black Panther

A teenage romance (see: Storm’s 2006 series), blossoms into a union between two major power players. And what’s a traditional Wakandan wedding without a trippy spirit journey to meet Panther God, Bast?

Wasp & Yellowjacket (er…Ant-Man)

Janet Van Dyne embraces the tradition of “something old, something new”…with her groom! Following “accident-induced schizophrenia”, Hank Pym adopts his manic Yellowjacket persona – who is apparently more of the marrying kind than Ant-Man!

Jean Grey & Cyclops

Original X-Men and each other’s first loves, Jean and Scott Summers tie the knot in this much-amped issue. Fun fact: Jean’s dress was based off a sketch by fashion designer Nicole Miller!

Mary Jane Watson & Spider-Man

Peter Parker finally hits the jackpot! Assembled before their friends and family, the Friendly Neighborhood wall-crawler and the actress/model make it official. ‘Bout time too – MJ turned down Peter’s proposals twice, first in Amazing Spider-Man #183 and again in #291!

Medusa & Black Bolt

Imperial Inhuman couple Medusa & Black Bolt rightfully become each other’s king and queen. Shout out to some of the weirdest wedding wear in this truly alien affair.

Northstar & Kyle

In a gorgeous New York City ceremony, former Alpha Flight member Northstar marries his partner Kyle Jinadu!

Crystal & Quicksilver

Inhuman princess Crystal marries the Avenger’s resident speedster with all the pomp of a royal wedding. But Ultron nearly claims this day – grabbing the bridal bouquet, then the bride!

Jessica Jones & Luke Cage

These two hard cases met in the pages of Alias. After a love affair and the birth of their daughter Danielle, Jessica and Luke take the plunge. And a who’s who of Avengers are present!

Shiklah & Deadpool

The day he never dreamed would come has finally arrived! The mouthy merc marries his Queen of the Undead in this definitely-not-sacrilegious special. The X-Men’s Nightcrawler officiates!

Rogue & Gambit

After years, (or a near 2 decades) of on-off love, the mutant lovebirds take on holy matrimony! And surprise! They hijack the failed wedding ceremony of Kitty Pryde and Colossus! Re-gifting, anyone?

Scarlet Witch & Vision, Mantis & “Swordsman”

Scarlet Witch and Mantis say “yes” to the “men” in their lives – Scarlet Witch exchanges vows with her synthezoid Vision, while Mantis seals the deal with a telepathic plant-like lifeform in the guise of her ex-boyfriend, Swordsman.

Betty Ross & Bruce Banner

After a failed attempt in Incredible Hulk (1962) #124 (thanks, Leader), Betty and Bruce finally put a ring on it without the Hulk’s interference!

Marlo Chandler & Rick Jones

Following a revealing bachelor party in #417, Hulk sidekick Rick Jones nearly didn’t make it down the aisle! But Rick and Marlo went on to have a productive, if not unpredictable marriage, even co-hosting the talk show Keeping up with the Joneses.

Mockingbird & Hawkeye

Saving their nearest and dearest a gift registry, the two Avengers elope in the Poconos following a whirlwind courtship, (that mainly consisted of them on a deadly mission against Crossfire).