Mark Waid’s Top Avengers Stories

The Doctor Strange and Avengers: No Surrender writer shares his must-read Avengers arcs!

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What If the Avengers Had Never Been?

An out-of-continuity story, but inarguably one of the single best-looking comic books Marvel has ever published. Jim Shooter killed on the script, Gil Kane’s penciling was at its peak, and Klaus Janson’s inks and colors brought everything to life. This is on my short list of desert-island comics.

Journey Into Vision

To this day, it’s hard to find anything more visually stunning in comics than Neal Adams drawing Ant-Man inside the Vision’s body.

Mantis Saga

Read through #133! There is nothing I don’t love about this arc, my favorite Marvel story of all time – a perfect mixture of continuity wrangling and forward-thinking storytelling. Follow up with Giant-Size Avengers (1974) #2-4.

Korvac Saga

The beginning of the Korvac Saga, all behind a beautiful George Pérez cover. Read through #177.