Who else but the son of Professor Charles Xavier could possess multiple personalities, spontaneously mutate, or reconstruct reality on a psychic whim? Explore the cerebral conundrum of David Haller, the dangerously unstable mutant known as Legion.

Best of Legion

First Appearance

Legion’s premiere issue! Much is still unknown about David Haller – what is his connection to Dr. Moira MacTaggert?

Muir Island Saga

After being secreted away on Muir Island due to his mental illness, an embittered Legion attacks Professor Xavier – while under Shadow King’s possession!

Legion Quest

In Legion Quest, David creates a time-suck portal in the Negev Desert – spelling catastrophic mayhem for the X-Men and X-Factor. The event that ushered in the Age of Apocalypse!

Legion’s Return

The reinvented New Mutants: Cannonball, Dani Moonstar, Karma, Sunspot, Magma and Magik, discover that Legion is all too alive and very unwell. An entire town remains paralyzed by fear as Legion’s psychic entities rear their heads.

Age of X

Yet another parallel universe event that’s tied directly to Legion! The X-Men’s Utopia is no more. In its stead, a strange reality where the X-Men never came to be, and where the war between humans and mutants has escalated to barbarism. But beneath a war-ravaged façade, glimpses of the truth crack through.

Age of X Aftermath

His thousands of personalities had been safely stored and imprisoned by the X-Men…but that’s no longer the case. Rogue and her team must hunt down the many errant mutants unleashed by Legion’s dissociative disorder!

A Son’s Legacy

Legion stars in his own series! Collapsing under the weight of his father’s disappointment, Legion invests in a legacy that even Xavier could be proud of.