Jane Foster

Whether as a nurse, doctor, thunder goddess, or Valkyrie, Jane Foster has always tried to preserve the lives of all beings across the Ten Realms!

Let She Who is Worthy...

Heroes without Borders

In her debut comic, Jane Foster joins Donald Blake (Thor’s secret alter ego) on a humanitarian mission to the war-torn nation of San Diablo!

To Become an Immortal!

Jane and Thor wish to be married, but first Jane must contend with Odin’s trials to prove herself worthy!

One Life to Give

Jane is mortally wounded in the midst of a battle between Thor and the Absorbing Man, but her romantic rival Lady Sif comes to her aid!

What If?

A prophecy of things to come, Midgard-born Jane Foster becomes Thordis, Goddess of Thunder! Several decades before this What If became reality, Jane Foster wields the mighty Mjolnir in this prescient tale!

Last Days of Midgard

Despite battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, Jane still has the strength to serve as Midgard’s representative in the Congress of Worlds!

Goddess of Thunder

With Thor no longer worthy to wield Mjolnir, Jane takes up his mantle to fight for the safety of the Ten Realms! Continue with Mighty Thor (2015).

Death of the Mighty Thor

If Jane turns into Thor one more time it could kill her – but no one else can stand against the might of the Mangog! Try this arc’s Reading List!

Entry to Valhalla

Thor may have perished, but Jane Foster’s power to inspire lives on — even in the far future! Don’t miss this tribute to Jason Aaron’s epic tale of Thor and the mighty hammer Mjolnir.