Jahnoy Lindsay’s Must-Reads

The superstar artist, (SHE-HULK, LUKE CAGE - MARVEL DIGITAL ORIGINAL), shares his Marvel pull list with us! Be sure to pick up Luke Cage - Marvel Digital Original, an all-new, digital-exclusive series by Jahnoy and Anthony Del Col, also available on Comixology or Kindle! Read the DOUBLE-SIZED #1, on sale now!

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First Comic Experience

This is the first comic I ever purchased. I think Marvel’s The Avengers had come out around this time, so I must've been hype off the energy from that movie, and just grabbed something that looked cool. I unknowingly started with the seventh issue, so I had no idea what I was reading, but Olivier Coipel’s incredible art made me go back and catch up. I don’t think I’d be where I am today if it wasn’t for this issue.

Doc Ock: Spider-Man

I remember telling my friends: “Yooo guys! Doc Ock took over Peter’s body in the comics and it’s really good! I know it sounds like nonsense, and it is, but please give this a shot! I have the first 10 issues already, you can borrow them.” They gave it a chance, and after that, they’d hit me up every couple of weeks or so asking if I was done reading the new issue.

All-New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis & Stuart Immonen

I always loved the X-Men, despite growing up on anime and manga. The time-displaced X-Men in a world so familiar but foreign was easy to relate to being so fresh into reading comics. This was also my first time seeing Stuart Immonen’s art and he instantly became one of my favorites! I remember a lot of my earliest Marvel fan art was done trying to emulate his work.

Iron Doom

Suggested by a friend – I’m currently reading this. I haven't finished it yet, but I’m really enjoying it so far!

Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan

Possibly the most fun I’ve had reading comics. Ms. Marvel quickly became one of my favorite characters and stories. Absolutely love Adrian Alphona and Ian Herring’s art throughout this series!