Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrate our Hispanic and Latinx characters! From Araña to White Tiger, here’s a handful of heroes that have made their mark on Marvel!

Get to Know…

America Chavez: Miss. America

Born in the alternate realm the “Utopian Parallel”, this dimension-hopping butt kicker is a proud Latina and defender of the Multiverse. Try America’s stylish series today!

Angel Salvadore: Tempest

With her insect wings and acidic saliva, fourteen-year-old Angel felt like an outsider while a newbie at Xavier’s. Following M-Day and the loss of her powers, this spitfire became a “Tempest” as a New Warrior.

Angela del Toro: White Tiger

The niece of original White Tiger Hector Ayala! Former FBI agent del Toro experienced loss from a young age. After gaining the amulets of her legacy, Angela takes to the street against the Yakuza.

Anya Corazon: Araña

This half-Puerto Rican, half-Mexican web-slinger crackled with bravery since her first appearance! Read Anya’s debut issue as Spider-Girl, and see her take on the Spider-Verse in Web Warriors (2015) and Spider-Girls (2018)!

Ava Ayala: White Tiger

Ava was the fifth mystical host of the White Tiger, following in the footsteps of older brother Hector Ayala and niece Angela del Toro!

Dante Pertuz: Inferno

Dante was a wedding band drummer struggling to provide for an ailing mother and sister. After undergoing Terrigenesis, he emerged from his Inhuman cocoon with the ability to create, and manipulate, fire!

Dr. Cecilia Reyes

Reyes became committed to a life of medicine after witnessing her father’s death by gun violence in her Bronx neighborhood. Dismissive of Super Heroes despite her own force field powers, Cecilia is a frequent ally and doctor to the X-Men.

Fabio Medina: Goldballs

Don’t be fooled by the goofy moniker – this teenaged mutant can project golden, egg-shaped orbs as powerful as a concussive weapon. Stay tuned for House of X and Powers of X to learn more about Fabio’s strange abilities!

Hector Ayala: White Tiger

Considered the first Latino, and Puerto Rican, Super Hero, Hector’s trailblazer status inspired future generations of White Tigers. After finding the Tiger talismans from K'un-L'un, Ayala emerged on the scene as a Kung Fu vigilante.

Humberto Lopez: Reptil

Humberto learned the Avengers’ ropes while training alongside veteran members. One of the more unusual power sets on our list, Humberto can transform parts of his body into dinosaur forms.

Julio Esteban Richter: Rictor

A seismic-powered mutant! Much of Julio’s development would play out in New Mutants (1983) and X-Force (1991), however it’s in this series where a de-powered Rictor really shines.

Manuel de la Rocha: Empath

One of Emma Frost’s original Hellions. Entitled and brash, Castile-born Manuel was often at odds with the rival New Mutants due to his empathic control over other’s feelings.

Maya Lopez: Echo

Echo’s popularity exploded following her origin in Daredevil. Maya was born deaf and with extraordinary physical prowess. She is an athlete, a musician, and can even “imprint” an opponent’s moves through photographic reflexes.

Miguel O’Hara: Spider-Man 2099

The issue that established Spider-Man of the year 2099! A former Alchemax engineer fights the dystopic-powers-that-be in Nueva York, (with assist from his A.I. companion Lyla).

Miles Morales: Spider-Man

Miles’ first ongoing series as Spider-Man of the Ultimate Universe! The Brooklyn-based wall-crawler upholds new responsibilities while putting his own twist on Peter Parker’s legacy.

Robbie Reyes: Ghost Rider

Los Angeleno Robbie Reyes was trailblazing towards a promising future. But when a bullet claimed the teen’s life, his new destiny was forged. When evil is present, Robbie transforms into a Ghost Rider, the Spirit of Vengeance.

Roberto da Costa: Sunspot

In his native Brazil, the soccer star felt targeted for his multi-racial heritage and privileged upbringing. With the ability to channel and direct solar energy, Sunspot is a true player power.

Sam Alexander: Nova

Sam Alexander is the cosmic guardian Nova, imbued with supersonic flight and energy absorption. Once a kid bound by the gravity of a small town, Sam rose above heavy burdens to become an Avenger and a Champion!

Sofia Mantega: Wind Dancer/Renascence

The Caracas native had elemental control over the wind, much aligned with her breezy personality. Post M-Day, Mantega operated as a New Warrior with biomechanical upgrades.

Victor Alvarez: Power Man

The second Power Man! Under the tutelage of Iron Fist, Victor learned to master his “chi-balance” as an all-new Hero for Hire.

Victor Mancha

Victor Mancha is a Mexican-American android, best known as a member of the Runaways. The progeny of a human woman and Ultron, Victor betrayed his programming by being a dedicated teammate and hero.