Hellcat: Patsy Walker

No one’s had a super hero career quite like Patsy Walker. Making her splashy debut in 1944’s Miss. America Magazine, Patsy would go on to become a Defender and crime fighter as the mystical Hellcat. From teen-romance ‘glamazon’ to hardened hero, here are her hell-raising milestones!

A.K.A. Hellcat

Hellcat Retrospective

The storied life of Patsy Walker in one giant-sized Annual! Patsy takes the late-night stage to discuss her memoir and early days as the better half of ‘Patsy and Hedy.’ Not yet 25 she’s already a divorcée, a Defender…and back from the dead! Who makes a surprise appearance? Former teen sensation, Hedy Wolfe!

Patsy Walker Returns...

In her first Avengers appearance! Patsy’s tracked down her Avenger friend Beast with bad news about her marriage to Buzz Baxter. What went wrong between former high school sweethearts? But Patsy and Beast have no time to catch up- Squadron Supreme attacks Avengers Mansion! No holds barred, Patsy unleashes the Hellcat within.

The Hellcat Cometh

Hellcat earns her stripes, and suit, as a super hero. Donning Tigra’s former Cat Suit, Patsy’s heroic transformation is complete. And the timing couldn’t be better- Roxxon Oil’s launched an attack on the Avengers! With the Cat Suit enhancing her agility, and her strength increased tenfold, Hellcat is born! Patsy’s nuts and bolts origin.

Hellcat, Defender

Hellcat’s formative years were spent with the Defenders, a time in which she honed her abilities under the tutelage of teammate Moondragon. Hellcat pays a visit to Avengers Mansion, but finds herself battling an amnesiac Wonder Man! Moon Knight and Valkyrie guest star.

Ultimate Hellcat

Meet Patsy Walker of the Ultimate Universe- still spirited, still heroic! A disgraced Hank Pym joins the Defenders, a super hero team lacking any super powers. Check out the Defenders’ disastrous debut.


An anthology of X-stories! Emma Frost’s sick sense of humor has led to this- a blind date between Hellcat and Gambit! In the Big Easy, X-Man Gambit finds it’s anything but. Patsy’s unhinged nature is driving him crazy, and her enchanted talisman isn’t helping!

Hellcat the Herald

Frankie Raye was once Nova, a herald of Galactus. But a sacrifice she made many years ago is now converging in Earth’s atmosphere, threatening an apocalypse. Join Hellcat, She-Hulk, Emma Frost, Valkyrie and Sue Storm (to name a few), as Marvel’s mightiest women save the planet from imploding!

Patsy the Paralegal

Hellcat leaps onto the pages of She-Hulk! Patsy decides it’s time for a new career- at Jennifer Walter’s law firm. Longstanding friends, She-Hulk and Hellcat are a unique combo in the office and in the field. But will clerical work be too stifling for fiery Hellcat?

Hellcat's Nine Lives

Patsy has managed to escape her past, her enemies and Hell itself, but nothing compares to job hunting in New York City! Between trying to make rent and dodging (literal) bullets, Patsy barely has time to deal with her mother’s exploitative romance comics about her childhood resurfacing, much less how they start to interfere with her work and dating life!