The stalwart god Heimdall is the chosen guardian of Asgard, almost always found atop the Bifrost Bridge as its sentinel. With his gallant nature, unwavering loyalty, and unrivaled senses, no god is better suited to the task.


Something in My Eye…

Loki seeks to escape from his arboreal prison, and when he sees Heimdall approaching, puts his plan into motion. To thwart the curse placed on him, Loki needs to make someone shed a tear for him. To that end, the trickster god causes a leaf to fall from his tree and land directly in one of Heimdall’s all-seeing eyes, producing the desired effect and freeing him.

Tales of Asgard

Centuries in the past, Odin decides that it’s finally time to appoint a permanent sentry for the Rainbow Bridge to warn against imminent threats to Asgard. While Heimdall’s competition boasts about their strength, agility, and lung capacity, Heimdall proves that his skills are supreme. With the ability to see across infinity and hear the sounds from every corner of the universe, Heimdall is the clear choice for Odin.

Vs. Surtur

The All-Seer is the Realm Eternal’s last defense against fire demon Surtur! Heimdall puts up an impressive battle on the Bifrost, one that nearly claims his life for all of the Vanir!

Odin’s Custodian

The Twilight of the Gods has passed, and a new dawn arrives! Following his endeavors against the demon Surtur and his compatriots, King Odin must enter the Odinsleep to recover. He chooses the noble Heimdall to rule in the interim. His first task as ruler is a personal one, to rebuild the Bifrost Bridge!

Mortal Bound

After all Asgardians perish in the rapture of Ragnarok, Thor returns to Midgard to search for their displaced souls (now trapped in human forms). Heimdall is the first reanimated by the Thunder God, and he swears his fealty to restoring Asgard by finding the rest of its immortal citizens.

Two Households

In his youth, Heimdall of the Vanir is arranged to marry the Aesir Siriana in order to unite their two races. A unique bridal gown is crafted for the lovely Siriana to protect her modesty from Heimdall’s all-seeing eyes. Unfortunately, she never gets a chance to wear it, as the Aesir/Vanir War begins and splits the betrothed apart.

Might of the Mangog

The god-hating Mangog arrives on Asgard and immediately begins his campaign of destruction. Heimdall stands against the monster, but neither the might of the god nor his mythic weapon are enough to contend with the beast’s power. Mangog easily bests Heimdall, and in a horrific moment of cruelty, gouges out the god’s blessed eyes.