Ghost Rider: Johnny Blaze

Stunt motorcyclist Johnathon “Johnny” Blaze could at one time been accused of having a death wish – which makes his shared destiny with hell-demon Mephisto all the more poetic. After making a deal with the devil to save a loved one, Blaze was bonded in body and soul to the Spirit of Vengeance, a flame-headed ego whose sole purpose is to stamp out sinners!

Hellfire’s Hell Raiser

First Appearance

The Servant of Satan is born! Learn Blaze’s full history here, from his first torturous days as the dual host of the Spirit, to his fated deal with Mephisto to save his adoptive father. After failing to save stunt rider Craig “Crash” Simpson, Johnny realizes all too late he’s been double-crossed…and is now condemned to a fate that’s even an occultist’s worst nightmare.

War at the Gates of Hell

When an undercover angel is murdered, Johnny Blaze must find the killers and punish them…but this time he won’t do it alone: a deadly team of supernatural slayers rise from the darkest depths to form an unholy alliance – HELLSTORM! SATANA! BLADE! Together they are the Spirits of Vengeance!

Campus Gone Crazy

UCLA (the University of California, Los Angeles) falls like Ancient Rome – and not because of a toga party! Ghost Rider joins Iceman, Angel, Hercules and Black Widow (all on campus for their own reasons) to assemble L.A.’s super team! In their first issue, they must protect Goddess of Love Venus from an attack by Olympus, whose soldiers include Amazons, Harpies, three-headed pooch Cerberus, and even Pluto himself!

Daniel Ketch

Since its inception, the Medallion of Power (imbued with the energy of the demon Zarathos), possessed several hosts with its Spirit of Vengeance. Cursed through their mother Naomi’s bloodline (part of the Kale lineage), Johnny discovers that Ketch is a new agent of Hellfire…but doesn’t realize that “Danny” is actually his kid brother who’s been separated since childhood!

Vicious Cycle

Creators Daniel Way, Mark Texeira and Javier Saltares reignite the Blaze in this ongoing series that puts Flamehead back in the saddle after a near ten-year hiatus! Trapped in Hell and subjected to Sisyphean torments in an endless motorcycle race, the Ghost Rider is duped by Lucifer once more…and is transported back to Earth with the Prince of Darkness in tow!

Heaven Bound?

Read #20-35 for creator Jason Aaron’s take on the bearer of brimstone! Johnny finally knows who's responsible for turning him into a horror-show on wheels, and he’s gunning for the fallen angel Zadkiel for vengeance! His first mission sees Blaze take on “machine gun nurses” to recover a boy who’s had a near-death experience!

Save the Antichrist, Save the World

Ghost Riders Blaze and Ketch unite in a final crusade to send angel Zadkiel straight to Hell! The brothers are tasked with saving the life of an “Antichrist”, a young boy bred by Satanists. Hellstorm, the Son of Satan, guest-stars!

Hero for Hire

We never knew we needed a Silver Sable/Ghost Rider team-up until this issue! These two have come to play with fire, taking down an illegal distribution op of cursed weaponry with all the flare and flames they can muster!

Alejandra Jones

Hell’s Worst Angel is at last freed of the Ghost Rider spirit, but that doesn’t mean Satan’s avatar won’t find a new host! In this Fear Itself tie-in series, an all-new Rider rises from Johnny Blaze’s reluctant legacy! But why is Mephisto blaming Johnny for humankind’s damnation?