Doctor Strange's 6 Strangest Adventures

Over the last few decades, Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange has seen things and shared sights beyond the vision of mere mortals. Now, we present Doctor Strange’s strangest-ever adventures! So, don those Vaulting Boots of Valtorr and grab your Wand of Watoomb—let’s jump in!

Supreme Sorcerer Stories

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Doctor Strange has confronted his enemies on various planes of existence. But perhaps his most dazzling battle took place in the heart of the sun. In this issue, Strange confronted Baron Mordo and their spirits dueled within the star. There were some stunning visuals, to say the least!

Ben Franklin Steals Clea's Heart

While on a journey through America’s past, Stephen and his beloved Clea met founding father Benjamin Franklin… who seduced Strange’s then-disciple with a few slick moves. Issue #19 immediately retconned this by suggesting that sorcerer Stygyro had impersonated Franklin, and that Clea was a mere recreation. Regardless, Strange still had a grudge against Franklin’s ghost when they were reunited in DEADPOOL (2012) #3.

Doctor Strange-Wolf

In a rare multiple-part story, Spider-Man encountered a werewolf in this issue—one that he recognized as Doctor Strange! To save Strange’s soul from eternal damnation, Spidey needed some additional back up. Satana, the daughter of Satan, answered the call in MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) #81. Despite her evil father and her own inner darkness, Satana sacrificed herself to restore Strange’s humanity.

The Doctor is a Rat!

When the Dread Dormammu usurped control of Stephen’s body, the Sorcerer Supreme’s power rapidly diminished outside of his own form… forcing him to possess a rat! While in the rat’s body, Stephen befriended some frogs who had recently met Thor, and together they performed a ritual to summon an ally named Topaz. As for the rat, Topaz decided to adopt her after Stephen was restored to his body. Read through issue #2!

Aliens Destroy Magic

In the LAST DAYS OF MAGIC arc, the aliens known as the Empirikul came to Earth with a single goal: to destroy magic in all of its forms. During the events of DOCTOR STRANGE (2015) #6-10, Stephen desperately tried to stay one step ahead of the Empirkul as the source of his magical powers took a major hit. At one point, Strange even had to use the bones of the Ancient One to survive!

Fighting Galactus with his Ex-Wife

Read through issue #17! After a reckless alien mystic named Zoloz banished Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, to the Mystic Realm, Strange has to team with everyone from ex-wife Clea, to ex-mother-in-law Umar to defend the fabric of reality itself. But things take a turn for the weird once Strange appoints himself as the Herald Surpreme—Galactus’ designated planet-hunter.