Little is known about the mercenary Bullseye other than the fact that he never misses. A sharpshooter with super human precision, he is considered one of the world’s top assassins. His true name is unknown.

Dead-on Picks

First Appearance

Wearing a costume that can only be described as “on target”, Bullseye makes his Marvel debut! The merc leaves a signature warning for his clients who don’t pay up – proving he can wield a pen with lethal force.

Catastrophic Carnival

With Black Widow on backup, Daredevil takes down Bullseye and some hired goons in an extraordinary, flurried battle. And their fighting ring is an amusement park!

Death of Elektra

Read this now-classic issue. At arguably his most sadistic, Bullseye, under the employ of Kingpin, wields Elektra’s own sais against her. Matt Murdock is forever changed.

Foul Play

Featuring timely cameos by Daredevil, Elektra, the Kingpin and the Punisher! Under extreme lock and key, Bullseye relays the traumas of his childhood. Then he opens up about his sports career…

Vs. Punisher

The moral compass spins wildly out of control as two of Marvel’s most dangerous vigilantes take aim at each other. Artist Steve Dillon delivers on insanity.

Becoming Hawkeye

Under Dark Reign, Norman Osborn assembles a team of Avengers who have strayed as far from the path as he has. Bullseye is reassigned codename “Hawkeye”, kicking off his “heroic” career.

Batter Up

Framed as an interview, this riveting 2-issue special exposes hidden truths about a Major League pitcher who once went by “Matt Hobson”. Bullseye’s short-lived time as a baseball player lays the groundwork for how he “plays” as an assassin.

Making a Mark

In the near future, reporter Ben Urich investigates Matt Murdock’s dying words. This series opens with one of the most brutal clashes between DD and Bullseye. Don’t miss it.

Running with the Devil

Paperclips, playing cards, thumb drives…nothing’s off limits as a weapon while Bullseye feels the thrill of the kill on assignment. Only this time his mission is to rescue someone…