Black Knight

Dane Whitman is the destined Black Knight, descending from a lineage of Black Knights dating back to the Arthurian Age. Upon inheriting his uncle’s estate, Whitman also gained the Ebony Blade. This mythic sword bestows its owner with enchanted protection, as well as being a link to ancestors past. Due to its history of bloodshed, the blade is also cursed…

Knight Errant

Sir Percy of Scandia

The original Black Knight is bestowed his mantle by sorcerer Merlin! Boyish and ill-suited for battle, Sir Percy astounds King Arthur’s Roundtable when he transforms into the fearsome crusader to take down the conspiring Mordred the Evil.

6th Century Rewind

In this origin, Sir Percy duels with Mordred in the last, great battle of his era. Merlin's only hope lies with the Black Knight in this sword-and-senses shattering legend!

His Sword is Drawn!

Seeking to atone for his Uncle Nathan’s misdeeds (TALES OF SUSPENSE #73), scientist Dane Whitman dons the armor to restore his family’s honor!

The Knight’s Tale

Read through #11 to see Knight’s death-by-Enchantress and revival in the 12th century!

Under Siege

Baron Zemo leads the largest assemblage of the Masters of Evil yet in a brutal assault on Avengers Mansion! And Dane Whitman stands as one of Earth’s Mightiest final few! Try the Avengers: Under Siege Reading List!

Bad Blood

When the Sub-Mariner used the Ebony Blade to slay Marrina, he inadvertently reactivated the sword’s blood curse – which is now taking its toll on Dane!

Operation Galactic Storm

The Avengers enter the Kree-Shi’ar War, and Black Knight is assigned to the Kree delegation in an effort to sue for peace!

Eternal Love

Black Knight and the Eternal Sersi are bonded together as soulmates by the psychic link known as Gann Josin. But the procedure goes awry when Dane feels exploited by Ikaris…

Secret Invasion

When the streets of London are flooded with Skrull invaders, it’s up to Black Knight and Britain’s greatest heroes to defend the realm!

Dark Knight

Black Knight is flung into the aptly named Weirdworld, a terrifying dimension of swords and sorcery!