Black Cat

Felicia Hardy is one of the greatest thieves in the Marvel Universe, a talent that she inherited from her infamous father. In her costumed career, she’s been both hero and villain, but no matter what part she plays, Spider-Man is almost always front-and-center!

Stroke of Luck

Crossing Paths

Black Cat’s first outing as a costumed thief! After stealing files from the police, Black Cat assembles a squad of second-rate scoundrels to help her with a secret plan. Spider-Man deduces that Black Cat is trying to free her cat-burglar father from prison, and swings over to stop her!

The Cat Came Back

After escaping from custody, Black Cat goes for an easy score to prove she hasn’t lost her touch. However, Black Cat is smitten with Spider-Man. She sets up a meeting with Spidey via skywriting, and tries to tell him she wants to go straight. Unconvinced, he decides to keep an eye on her, and the next day the two meet at a criminal gathering, where they bust the attendees and leave them for the police.

Landing on Her Feet

When Black Cat lost the feline powers she briefly possessed, she enlisted the skills of the super villain Tinkerer to create technology that could replicate them. Spider-Man meets up with her after discovering the Tinkerer’s lair, and just as she’s explaining how she’s only going to use her new gadgets for good, the two are attacked by the Scorpion!

Marvel Knights

Wolverine and Black Cat have been kidnapped! Spirited away to the Savage Land, the two antiheroes must contend with all the perils of the prehistoric world. However, that’s only where their problems begin, as Arcade, the man behind their abduction, has also filled the Savage Land with deadly traps!

Civil War

In an effort to balance her desire to be more heroic and her love of material wealth, Black Cat joins up with Misty Knight’s new incarnation of the Heroes for Hire, who apprehend unregistered super humans for a fee. In this issue, the team takes on over a dozen villains!

The Devil and the Details

Black Cat is framed for the robbery of a hologram projector from Horizon Labs, so Spider-Man tracks down the one man he thinks can help clear her name: Daredevil! The two heroes team up alongside Black Cat to reveal the heinous plot of the Black Spectre organization.

Original Sin

Humiliated after her capture by the Superior Spider-Man, Black Cat returns to her old villainous ways. Seeking to set herself up as a major Manhattan crime boss, she enlists the aid of Electro and takes out new rival Eel to gain his share of territory.

Venom Inc.

Black Cat attacks Spider-Man in an art museum, and steals several masterpieces while he’s distracted. Meanwhile, a sinister plot is brewing involving symbiotes of all stripes, and Black Cat will soon find herself entangled in the conflict. Will she fight on the side of good, or remain aligned with crime? Read the entire Venom Inc. arc, available as a Reading List!