He is known as En Sabah Nur, and is considered to be the world’s first mutant. He is also known as Apocalypse, the X-Men’s fiercest villain, and the immortal ruler of his own future wasteland. Witness Apocalypse’s greatest threats against mutantkind!

Apocalyptic Turns

A Hero Falls

One of Apocalypse’s signatures is his “Four Horsemen” elite personal guard, given augmented powers and armor by their master and named War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death. And his latest choice for the mantle of Death is Warren Worthington, Angel of the X-Men!

Evolutionary War

Even fellow villains are not safe from the wrath of Apocalypse, as the High Evolutionary finds out when Apocalypse attacks him at the start of the Evolutionary War crossover.

The Age of Apocalypse

In this fan-favorite crossover event, the timestream has been horribly altered into a dystopian future – where Apocalypse is absolute ruler! This alternate future took over the standard ongoing X-Men books for its duration, introducing a new status quo with effects that are still felt in the Marvel Universe today!

An Unlikely Alliance

Against the psychic terror known as Onslaught, Apocalypse realizes that there is only one way to achieve victory. He must team up with his ultimate enemy – Cable, the man who will lead the resistance against his future rule.

Clash of Gods

In this flashback issue, Apocalypse faces down Thor in the 11th century! The Avengers’ ancestors are being hunted, and only a brash young thunder god can save his future companions!

Blood of Apocalypse

Apocalypse has returned with new Horsemen to do his bidding. And his new group includes former X-Men Sunfire and Gambit!

Messiah War

Messiah War’s deadly conclusion! Stryfe, Apocalypse and X-Force duke it out for the fate of the future!

The Twelve

Apocalypse’s plan for domination using The Twelve comes to a dangerous head and one hero will need to sacrifice himself to stop him.