80th Anniversary: The 80s

Celebrating 80 years of Marvel! From fabled heights of Asgard, an alien suit Spidey, to blockbuster crossovers and new egos of Hulk, read the genre-defining stories of Marvel Comics in the 80s!

MARVEL COMICS: 1980-1989

Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle

Read through #128! Although published in 1979, this storyline’s 1980 collection shook the landscape with its frank treatment of Stark’s alcoholism.

Kitty Pryde & Dazzler

An eXceptional standout from Chris Claremont’s X-Men run, this issue introduces 80s disco darling Dazzler: icon, singer and wielder of light. Plus, Kitty Pryde vs. the Hellfire Club!


Funny, smart and undeniably sexy, She-Hulk was an immediate smash from her first appearance. Following a blood transfusion from cousin Bruce, attorney Jennifer Walters becomes the dynamo giantess.

John Byrne’s Fantastic Four

Read through #295! Writer and artist John Byrne beautifully captures the intensity and cosmic awe of the FF. Through flights of fantasy and space-time, this run is all about family at its core.

Cloak and Dagger

The first appearance of the street-level heroes! Runaway teens Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen band together following freakish experiments that grant them powers of light and dark.

All-New Iron Man

After a relapse, a traumatized Stark hangs up the ‘shell head’ to let best friend and confidante Jim Rhodes suit up as Iron Man.

Mohawk Storm

A peak in Claremont’s run, this issue affirms Rogue’s place on the team, and establishes Storm’s all-new attitude with aesthetic. Goddess be gone – Ororo’s gone punk!

Alpha Flight

Canada’s very own super team! A diverse set of personalities and powers makes this quirky team book worth a read. Alpha Flight is no well-oiled Avengers squad…and that’s why we love them.

West Coast Avengers

Hawkeye and Mockingbird assemble their own collective of Earth’s Mightiest on a California compound. Jim Rhodes as Iron Man joins the crew! Continue with the 1985 series.

Secret Wars

One of our favorite Avengers crossovers. The cosmically powered Beyonder transports Earth’s heroes and villains to an alien battleworld for kicks and giggles. The X-Men and Fantastic Four guest-star!

Alien Suit Spider-Man

The beginning of Spider-Man’s alien suit saga! What starts as a costume change becomes an overall transformation that leaves Spidey and Peter with new outlooks and abilities. This story sets the stage for the introduction of Venom years later!

Walt Simonson’s Thor

Read through #382! The writer and artist delivers a lauded run full of sweeping battles and mythic quests as well as introduces Thor mainstay Beta Ray Bill. Plus, can we possibly forget Frog Thor?

Peter David’s Hulk

Read through #467! From Gray Hulk to Future Imperfect, some of our favorite stories start here. In his near 12-year tenure, writer Peter David pairs the psychological with the super-powered.

Captain America: John Walker

We’re introduced to ‘corporate hero’ Walker as the anti-hero “Super-Patriot”, although a mere ten issues later he would wear the spangled stripes of Captain America!

Wedding of Peter Parker

You’re invited to the much-amped nuptials of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. The ceremony goes off without a hitch…following Spidey’s case of cold feet!


Seeking something oddball? Try this interdimensional series starring Captain Britain’s U.K. team of mutants: Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Rachel Summers and changeling Meggan.